UK Generics

V2M Pharma has access to thousands of generic pharmaceutical lines, we can reliably supply at market leading prices.
We have a dedicated generics team who specialise in the procurement and supply of these medicines through our GDP supply chain.

Ethical Products

V2M Pharma can supply branded pharmaceuticals from almost any manufacturer, sourced from GDP supply chain.
All medicines are checked & scanned under the ‘False Medicines Directive’ to ensure patient safety.

Parellel Imports

V2M Pharma currently trades in this area of business and we are acquiring key PI Licenses.
Our European Team had previously set up UK subsidiaries in Europe and have extensive key partner relationships to procure with a transparent audit trail.


V2M Pharma has relationships and GDP warehousing in every major city around the globe.
Our partnerships and distribution hubs have been developed over the last 10 years to ensure a full understanding of red tape, export documents and compliance documents to be prepared and verified at Government level for market access.